A Place for Tears


It’s often said that it’s unhealthy to “bottle up” our emotions. By this, most mean that we should not restrain or hold back our emotions, especially our tears.

We should have an outlet to express our sorrows and pains. Of course, there are unhealthy outlets we might use to deal with our emotions–food, drink, lashing out, closing ourselves off from others. But there are also some very healthy and helpful ways in which we might let out our emotion–journaling, prayer, engaging with those whom we have some conflict, talking with family or friends or a counselor. And of course, some cry, and that’s okay. Nancy Guthrie has said, “Tears are a gift that God gives us to help wash away the deep pain that we feel and experience from living life in the brokenness of this world.”

I’ve had to give myself permission to cry. As a recovering tomboy, I’ve always viewed crying as a sign of weakness, of being a wimpy woman. I’ve conditioned myself to believe that if I can stop the tears, I can stop the pain. I’ve told myself that crying never solves anything and I just need to toughen up so I can move on. None of this is true. There’s nothing wrong with crying. Our tears are an acknowledgement of our weakness and utter dependence on the Lord to handle our pains and sorrows. Over and over in God’s Word, He beckons us to cry out to Him. He promises to hear. He promises to answer. He promises relief and peace and joy in the midst of our most difficult circumstances. He says, “I have heard your prayer; I have seen your tears. Behold, I will heal you”.

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SOURCE: The Front Porch
Krsitie Anyabwile