5 Children Seized by Norway’s Child Protective Services Reunited With Christian Parents for First Time In 3 Months

The Bodnariu family.

The Romanian Pentecostal parents who have been separated from their five children by Norway’s child protective services were reunited with all of their kids in the same place for the first time since the family’s ordeal began in November.

According to a website set up in support of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu after their children were removed from their home in Naustdal, Norway, by the Barnevernet on Nov. 16, the parents were finally allowed to have a three-hour visiting session with all of their children on Tuesday.

After it was alleged that the parents spanked their children — a disciplinary tactic that is banned in Norway — the parents were only allowed limited visitation with their three sons and were barred from visiting their two daughters.

“It was joyous because for the first time in three months, Marius and Ruth were together with all five children at the same time, in the same place. It was such a happy reunion, for everybody had so much to say,” the website announced in an official statement on Thursday.

“Naomi couldn’t stop talking; Ioan, the 2-year-old boy had learned a few more words and had a lot to say also. Baby Ezekiel was happier than ever,” the statement continued.

After the family talked and played, they sat at the table to eat a meal.

The statement details how the family, which previously claimed that their children were taken because of concerns with their Christian faith, was allowed to pray and even sang a prayer-song before they ate their rooster and soup.

Although most of the visit was joyous, the parents grew concerned after Naomi told them that she didn’t want them to die because she still has much to learn from them. Naomi’s comment led them to wonder where she got the idea that they were going to die.

“The day was a mixture of joy and sorrow, for after three hours had passed, they had to part again,” the statement explains. “The children cannot understand why they can’t stay with their parents but, instead, have to go to strangers.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Samuel Smith