Religious Fraud Expert Says Donald Trump Appeals to Prosperity Preachers Because They Love the World

Donald Trump / Getty Images
Donald Trump / Getty Images

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is popular among prosperity preachers due to the worldly values he represents, says an expert on religious fraud.

Ole Anthony, president of the Dallas, Texas-based televangelist accountability group the Trinity Foundation, told The Christian Post about the appeal Trump has with proponents of the prosperity gospel.

“The love of the world, of power, of recognition and credibility from the world. That appears to fit perfectly with the prosperity gospel,” said Anthony.

“The scriptures are clear – if any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. The word ‘love’ is from the verb form agapeo, which simply means ‘giving importance to.'”

Anthony’s comments come in response to Mike Murdock, the televangelist leader of The Wisdom Center, endorsing Trump’s presidential campaign.

Earlier this month, Murdock officially endorsed the billionaire real estate mogul and reality TV star, stating that Trump has a “warrior’s heart.”

“We feel as evangelicals that God is being ignored,” continued Murdock.“We feel that there’s content for God in the Bible, and I believe that Mr. Trump has a heart of restoration, including restoring us economically.”

Murdock garnered controversy for his support for the prosperity gospel, once telling prospective donors that if someone watching his program will “use their faith” they can have “a credit card debt wiped out.”

Murdock at one point during a ministry fundraiser declared that the “most beautiful thing in the world is a $100-dollar bill, and I’ve never seen a woman that good looking.”

Anthony told CP that “it’s not surprising that Murdock is drawn to Donald Trump, because both of them like making outrageous statements.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
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