12 Breakfasts that Taste Better in a Cast Iron Skillet


Showy but rustic, breakfasts served in cast iron skillets are the ultimate weekend treat. Plus, when you pour eggs for a bright frittata to or shredded potatoes for crispy hash browns into a well seasoned skillet, you won’t have to worry about any ingredient getting soggy or sticking to the pan; well-seasoned skillets are a magical thing. Below, 12 breakfast dishes that just taste better in black iron.

Spanish Potato Frittata (Tortilla Española)

Traditionally this Iberian omelet gets its heft from thin-sliced potatoes, but Ferran Adria proposes an audacious update: a generous handful of store-bought thick-cut potato chips.

Sour-Milk Griddle Cakes

Rustic sour-milk pancakes make for a delicious breakfast, especially when topped stewed blueberries and maple syrup.

Keen’s Steakhouse Prime Rib Hash

Chopped prime rib and a fried egg turn crisp potato hash into a crowd-pleasing main dish.

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SOURCE: Saveur