Female Customer Unhappy With Haircut ‘Goes Back to Shoot Barber’, but ‘God Was There’ Says Barber

Manny Moreno
Manny Moreno

A woman who was angry about her haircut is alleged to have returned to the barbers shortly after and attempted to open fire – only for her gun to jam.

Adrian Blanche Swain is reported to have walked back into a salon an hour after a trim, brandishing a firearm.

The incident happened in a San Diego, California, hairdressers – but the weapon malfunctioned and she was forced to the floor.

Barber Manny Montero said that on Swain’s first visit she had given him a $20 tip on top of her $20 cut.

The 29-year-old is alleged to have returned with a different haircut, holding the gun and shouting, “Look what you did to my hair!”

“She came in with a bald spot on the side, and I am like, ‘I didn’t do that’,” he told NBC.

She then is alleged to have pointed the gun at the barber, puling the trigger three times – but the gun jammed.

“She had it. She was gonna do it,” said Montero. “For some reason, God was there.”

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SOURCE: Yahoo News