Franklin Graham Warns Christians May ‘Lose This Country’ If They Don’t Vote In 2016 Election

(Photo: WLTX)
(Photo: WLTX)

Evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham implored a group of over a thousand people to vote and elect Bible-believing politicians during a rally at the South Carolina State House Tuesday afternoon.

“I want you to get involved, because if you don’t, we’re going to lose this country,” Graham told the group, which covered must of the front lawn of the property. The event was called the “Decision America Tour,” a series of public gatherings to urge a return to what Graham says are traditional values.

“America is being stripped of its Biblical heritage  and our God-given and Biblically inspired foundations,” he said.

Graham told the crowd he was worried that America is allowing abortions to take place and same-sex marriages to become normalized. “We have allowed the moral walls of this country to fall,” Graham said.

At one point, Graham said equated secular progressivism with the threat posed by communism in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

“They are both godless,” he said. “We have taken God out of our government. We have allowed the secularists to take God out of our schools. We have allowed secularists and people that call themselves progressives, we have allowed them to take God out of our society.”

Graham said more Christians needed to run for office, and voters need to elect candidates who share their beliefs. And while he acknowledged that the next few weeks will be focused on the presidential primaries, in the state, he added that local elections often matter just as much.

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