Ben Carson Shares the ‘Message’ from God that Convinced Him to Run for President

A crash involving Ben Carson staffers, in which one was gravely injured, and his subsequent call for prayer, demonstrated how prayer is becoming a more prominent aspect of the presidential campaigns. (Reuters photo)
Ben Carson (Reuters photo)

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson made headlines back in 2014 before announcing his campaign when he said that he felt God compelling him to run for office — a claim that other politicians have made over the years as they’ve prayed about their electoral aspirations.

In a recent interview with The Church Boys podcast, Carson explained how he approached God about his decision to run for office, and how he felt that the Lord had given him a clear message that launching a presidential bid was the right move.

“It was easy for me, because all the pundits, all the political experts said, ‘Absolutely impossible — a political novice to run for president? There’s no way you can out together an organization, there’s no way you can pay for it. It’s impossible,’ which comforted me,” Carson said. “Because I wasn’t that interested to do it it anyway.”

But as the clock ticked, Carson said that he told God that he would continue on whatever path that the Lord had for him.

“I finally said, ‘Lord if you truly want me to do this, you’ll have to open the doors, because I’m certainly not going to kick them down. And if you open the doors I will walk through them,’” Carson said. “‘And as long as you hold them open, I will walk through them, but if you close them, I will sit down.”

He continued, “That’s the way I have looked at it.”

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SOURCE: The Blaze