Twitter Changes Timeline to Display Popular Tweets First


Twitter is changing its timeline to display popular tweets first instead of the latest posts, a long-anticipated step that’s likely to anger its most passionate users.

While they might prefer the site to stay the way it is, Twitter has long known that the current format can be hard for new and infrequent users to digest. Because of the sheer volume of tweets passing by, people can miss the most important items, Twitter said in a blog post Wednesday. The new change comes after months of user testing, showing that people interact more if they are shown the best tweets, the San Francisco-based company said.

“We’ve already noticed that people who have used this new feature tend to retweet and tweet more, which is good for all of us,” Twitter said in the post.

The revamp is Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey’s latest attempt to reshape Twitter as he seeks to jump-start user growth and draw in more advertisers. It’s a risk, and the new format will probably meet with some resistance. When reports of a new timeline order recently emerged, Twitter’s most vocal users protested so much that #RIPTwitter was a top-trending topic on the site over the past weekend.

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SOURCE: Bloomberg, Sarah Frier