WATCH: Despite Panthers Super Bowl Loss, LB Thomas Davis Recognized for His Faith and Character With Bart Starr Award, Walter Payton Man of the Year Award


Even though his team lost in yesterday’s Super Bowl, one of the players for the Carolina Panthers has been recognized as a winner for his outstanding character on and off the field.

Linebacker Thomas Davis, who is no stranger to winning awards for his character and community service work, was presented with the Bart Starr Award on Saturday at the Athletes in Action “Super Bowl Breakfast.”

Dave Lower, spokesman for the sports ministry, tells OneNewsNow the award is named after Green Bay Packers’ Hall of Fame quarterback from the 1950s and 1960s.

“Basically [the award] is given to someone who exemplifies the traits that Bart is living by: character, integrity, leadership,” says Lower. “Those are all things that made Bart the man that he is and his faith in Christ – and Thomas Davis really represents all those things.”

Davis – who also received this year’s “Walter Payton Man of the Year” award (see video below) – was able to play in the Super Bowl despite breaking his right forearm in the NFC championship game two weeks earlier.

“He just is a tremendous person,” Lower continues, “and all these character traits transcend from the playing field to the community and to the home – so he really represents what the Bart Starr Award is about.”

According to ESPN, Davis had the second-most tackles for Carolina in the Super Bowl while playing with a metal plate surgically implanted with 11 screws in his arm and more than 40 stitches.

Bill Bumpas