Rolling Out Features Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin’s Marriage


Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin’s marriage is understandably enviable. They’re both attractive and successful. They seem to be extraordinarily happy. They have what so many people — both in Hollywood and elsewhere — spend most of their lives searching for. With their new book, The Wait, the couple talks about how they were able to forge that relationship through trust, discipline and focusing on each other. They famously declared that they were celibate prior to their 2012 marriage, and making it public drew praise and criticism in equal measure. For Good in particular, skeptics couldn’t seem to accept that an extremely desirable woman with an undeniably sexy image could ever be truly celibate. But she is clear: She made the decision because it was the best decision for her. And it became a cornerstone of she and her soon-to-be-husband’s lives. She wanted to share that experience in a book because she thinks there are a lot of women who can relate to what she’s been through. 

“I think the experience [waiting to have sex] was really life-changing for both of us,” she explains. “And for me personally, that struggle is a crazy one. All of the damage and baggage we accumulate and to be able to come on this side of it and experience it in a totally different way was life-changing for me. When people were interested in the story and what we did and all that, it was exciting to be able to share with them. I want that for other women. For me, the whole thing was that healing process, as well. It not only changed our love life, but every other area of our life. My career has completely changed; everything — just from that discipline.”

“It was very organic,” Franklin explains. “We got married in 2012, started dating about a year before that. As we started talking about our story individually during press for our various projects, all of a sudden people started asking, ‘Hey, you guys waited? What?’ It was a topic of conversation. As we were talking about it and sharing our testimony, there were a lot of people who really got blessed by it, and they just really were like, ‘How did it work?’ or ‘How did it help you?’ and because of that we thought writing a book would be a good way to help. It’s personal. We wanted to share something that was personal and share what worked for us in a nonjudgmental, non-preachy way. But we wanted to put something together that was positive about love, relationships and dating, to really help this generation hopefully have a manual for another way to do it that will lead to success.”

Franklin is a minister and Hollywood executive, and he had committed himself to celibacy for a while prior to he and Good’s relationship.

“My choice was because I was preaching and out there ministering, in addition to making films,” he explains. “I was tired of living a lie. Doing one thing [outside] of the pulpit and doing another thing in the pulpit. I really wanted to align my spiritual life with my personal life. Making the decision was super empowering for me, because one of the benefits I realized was that it gave me a whole lot more discipline, specifically in this area, which helped me in every other area.”

“I always felt that I should be celibate and like I should wait for marriage,” Good adds. “Most of us don’t. You turn 19, you find your first love and there you have it. In relationships before, I’d tried to be celibate and it didn’t work out because I felt like if I don’t sleep with him then he’ll cheat on me or leave me for someone else — all of these things we think of when we even consider being celibate in relationships. And being in relationships, you date someone, you’re with them for X amount of time and because you’re so wrapped up in them physically you’re thinking isn’t as clear. You put up with certain things that maybe you wouldn’t had you not been physical with that person. You don’t realize things about that person because you make whatever excuses in your head until you’re two, three years down the line — sometimes even when you’re married. So for me, it was really about wanting to make a different decision to get a different result and realizing that I was only giving God the majority of my life, but I was picking and choosing what areas I was going to allow him to work. After my last relationship, I was in a place where I was just like, ‘Why do I keep running into walls?’ I got tired of it and decided that I was going to do it all your [God’s] way. Not half your way. I’m going to do all of it and it really changed everything.”

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Source: Rolling Out | STEREO WILLIAMS