WATCH: Eugene Robinson Says Hillary Clinton’s Victory Speech “Becomes Problematic” If She Turns Out Not To Have Actually Won

EUGENE ROBINSON: She stepped on Ted Cruz’s speech. took away the spotlight, kind of a breach of protocol. You don’t speak when your candidate — especially the guy who’s the big winner tonight — she came out in an alpha dog sort of thing to do. Right?

And she put down her marker. She, you know, she was able to act like and sound like an optimistic winner who was going on to the next state.

Now, if she turns out not to have actually won, it becomes problematic, but clearly the Clinton campaign believes that she will, you know, get tiny little victory. 50/49. What that doesn’t do is answer the question within the Democratic party. It doesn’t bring the two Democratic parties together, that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders represent.

SOURCE: Real Clear Politics