ECFA Report Finds Churches Doing Pretty Good Job With Management of Finances, Budgeting


The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability has released its first-ever Church Financial Management Survey.  

The new report gets a pulse on churches across American regarding their management of finances.

ECFA president Dan Busby says churches say they’re doing a pretty good job when it comes to effective policies and budgeting.

“Eighty-six percent indicated they’re very effective in financial policies, 88 percent said they were very effective in budgeting,” he says. “But in contrast to those high statistics, the survey found that half are undecided or don’t believe they’re very effective in internal control, and 43 percent said they’re undecided about whether their financial department is very effective.”

Busby explains what that means.

“This appears to show that written policies to do not equate to an effective finance department in a church,” he says of the report. “Effective church finance is so much more than policies; it’s about translating policies into effective practices.”

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Bill Bumpas