Car Thief Kills Grandmother, 2 Grandchildren While Fleeing Police Chase in Atlanta


The youngest victim of a fatal car crash during a police chase near Atlanta was found hours after Georgia investigators packed up the scene of the collision. 

A 76-year-old woman and her two grandchildren, ages 12 and 6, were killed on their way to church Sunday morning when a suspect smashed into Dorothy Wright’s car while fleeing College Park police officers.

The cops chased the suspect into the Atlanta city limits when he crashed into the innocent victims’ car, killing Wright and her two grandchildren, Cameron Cosner, 12, and Layla Partridge, 6.

Cameron’s body was lying in the street after being tossed from the car, witnesses told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The boy died at the scene, but it’s unclear when Layla died. Her body was found about 11 hours later in the bushes near the crash site, located in a residential neighborhood three miles east of downtown Atlanta, according to WSB-TV.

“I saw that red car coming down the street minding their business,” witness Michael Montgomery told Atlanta television station. “All of a sudden I saw that black car run a stop sign right here and hit them, t-boned them.”

The suspect escaped as the cops attended to the victims in the mangled red car, the Journal-Constitution reported.

“I was just screaming, man, look. Get that guy because he killed those people,” Montgomery added.

The chase began at hotel parking lot near the Atlanta International Airport and ended when the runaway driver ran a stop sign and smashed into Wright’s vehicle.

Police did not release a description for the suspect.

Both the Georgia State Patrol and Fulton County District Attorney’s Office are investigating the circumstances behind the police chase crash.

Source: New York Daily News | NICOLE HENSLEY