Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt, Leolah Brown, Pens Letter On Facebook About Niece’s Death


It’s been a year since Bobbi Kristina was mysteriously found unconscious in the bathtub of her townhouse in Atlanta, Ga. And while many of her family, friends, and fans have said goodbye to Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s loving daughter, many are questioning the cause of her untimely death. But Leolah Brown, Bobbi’s aunt, penned a letter on Facebook, stating that she knows what happened to her niece and vows to reveal the truth in a forthcoming book.

Bobbi Kristina was found face down in her home within days of her mother’s three-year anniversary of her passing. The initial coroner’s report ruled her death an accidental drowning, citing heart disease and cocaine use as probable factors. Following extended, intensive care, Bobbi Kristina never regained consciousness and passed on July 26. Since her death, many have questioned the cause as well as her long-time boyfriend Nick Gordon’s part in the matter.

The lengthy letter begins by thanking fans and family for their continued support throughout the family’s series of unfortunate news and events. Brown also shares information about the untitled book, saying it “will tell it all. The whole truth.” Labeling Bobbi Kristina’s death as a murder, she says the passage will answer all the questions raised since the investigation started.

“With all that has happened, I am sure everyone has questions and concerns regarding Whitney and Bobbi Kriss’s death and murder. AND I DON’T BLAME YOU. If it be the “WILL” of The Almighty God, MY BOOK WILL ANSWER “every” single question that has come up in your minds concerning what REALLY happened and took place with my sister and niece.”

Brown isn’t the only one who knows what happened to Bobbi though. Authorities reportedly know the cause of death, but have withheld the release of that information from the public at this time. Since the pending investigation, Gordon was hit with a hefty, $40 million wrongful death suit by her estate, claiming that he served her a lethal cocktail and put her face down in the bathtub.

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SOURCE: Vibe – Jessica McKinney