Instagram Photo Prompts Twitterverse to Ask ‘Why Is Kirk Franklin In the Studio With Kanye West?’

Kirk Franklin is seen with Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Mike Dean, and A$AP Bari. (Photo: Instagram/hairweavekiller)
Kirk Franklin is seen with Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Mike Dean, and A$AP Bari. (Photo: Instagram/hairweavekiller)

Gospel artist Kirk Franklin’s name was trending on Twitter after rapper 2 Chainz posted a photo of the artist with Kanye in the studio.

Kanye and Kirk (“Losing My Religion”) are working on an album together? — That’s the question some folks were asking as a photo of Franklin, West and a few other artists was trending on Twitter Friday.

The photo, seen above, was posted by rapper 2 Chainz on his Instagram account Friday night.

Seen in the photo are “Kanye, Mike Dean, A$AP Mob’s A$AP Bari, and…Kirk Franklin,” according to Hot 97 DJ Miss Info.

2 Chainz didn’t include any info when he posted the photo.

Also, a short video of 2 Chainz, West and Franklin (chilling in the cut, it seems) in the studio was published to Twitter.



Yeezy also tweeted this (below) about his new album, currently titled “Swish” (previously “Waves”)… or it could be the other way around, according to The Guardian which reported Friday morning that the album was titled “Waves, formerly Swish, formerly So Help Me God.”


It’s kind of hard to guess Franklin’s mood from the photo and video clip, but when he appeared on Sway’s radio show a couple of years ago, the award-winning gospel artist said he and West were friends.

Franklin joked that he was mad at (envious of) West for making “Jesus Walks,” and was asked to comment on his “Yeezus” album.

Sway specifically asked Franklin if he thought “Yeezus” was a “blasphemous” title for the album.

“Well, what I would say to him or to anyone is that my relationship with people gives me the opportunity to share with them, and I don’t always consider it wise [to comment publicly]” Franklin said, basically going on to not say anything specific about West’s album title.

“I think that the microphone is a very powerful tool and you can use it to build people up, or you can use it to kill people,” Franklin partly explained.

In any case, West, as usual, is convinced that “Swish/Waves/So Help Me God” will be “the best album of all time.”

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SOURCE: Faithfully Magazine