Georgia Bishop and Father of Cam Newton, Cecil Newton, Discusses the Super Bowl, His Son’s Celebrating, and Raising Children on the Tom Joyner Morning Show: ‘God Is Good’

Cam Newton and his dad, Cecil Newton Sr. Photo: Tomas Espinoza
Cam Newton and his dad, Cecil Newton Sr. Photo: Tomas Espinoza

Cecil Newton, the father of Carolina quarterback Cam Newton, went on the Tom Joyner Morning show, a national syndicated radio show which airs locally on KISS 104.1, on Friday.

He discussed the upcoming Super Bowl, his son’s car accident, how both black and white parents want greatness for their kids, his parenting style and where Cam Newton gets his sense of style from.

Here’s what the elder Newton, who’s the Bishop at the Holy Zion Center of Deliverance church in Newnanhad to say:

Joyner: On his bandwagon being shipped to San Francisco.

Newton: “Boy that’s a wonderful thing. I never really thought I saw this day coming this soon Tom, but God is good. We’re glad to be a part of it.”

Joyner: Your son is going to make Black History.

Newton: “He already has to a great degree. I just pray that he continues to operate prudently with the gifts that he has and the people that he has influence over.

Joyner: On how Newton and his wife (Jackie) prepared Cam for this moment.

Newton: “Well, that goes back to when he was six, seven and eight years old. We just tried to instill in him character values. But live life to the fullest and have fun. Always respect others opinions, but work hard for what you get. And don’t expect something for nothing type of philosophy.”

Joyner: Was he dabbing in school?

Newton: “Are you kidding me. We dab. I go to the type of church, if the spirit is moving, let go and let God (takeover). I’m going to say something about the public’s opinion of Cam and his dancing and his celebrations. I just had to take time and reflect a couple of days ago. I can recall and it’s on Cam’s instragram page somewhere, I’m not all that social media active, but ….Cam’s life came inches away from being extracted from him. So, when you base that on what possibly could have happened, but by the grace of God and people praying he walked away from that accident and ultimately could have ended it all. So, basically being concerned with him celebrating is trivial compared to what some people have to suffer, cancer, you know, paralysis and stuff like that.”

Sybill Wilkes: He has a powerful testimony.

“Yes, of course.”

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D. Orlando Ledbetter – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution