Bridal Party Recreated Solange’s Perfect Wedding Photo


Attention fans of the Knowles family — when your partner decides to “put a ring on it,” this is the iconic wedding photo you’ll want to re-make. 

In May 2015, when it came time for Viviana Strauss’ wedding, she did what any devoted Knowles fan would do and recreated Solange’s legendary wedding photo with her own bridal party.

If you’re one of Queen Bey’s 58 million Instagram followers (nbd,) you’re probably already familiar with the flawless wedding pictures taken when her sister married music video director Alan Ferguson in New Orleans back in 2014 — this one of Solange and her girls in particular:

Mashable chatted with Strauss via email to learn more about her inspiration behind the stunning photo recreation.

The photograph was actually Strauss’ photographer, Sade Joseph’s idea. The wedding was held at Dune Studios in New York, which presented a somewhat similar background to the original Knowles photo, thus sparking the vision.

“My bridal party and I were lining up in the reception room to walk down the aisle,” Strauss said. “We were about to leave (and start the ceremony) and Sade started whispering to her assistant, then suddenly they yelled, ‘STOP, WAIT, STOP!! We need you guys to re-create the Solange wedding picture, right here and now!'”

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Source: Mashable