Donald Trump Goes to Presbyterian Church in Iowa

PHOTO CREDIT: John Santucci / Twitter
PHOTO CREDIT: John Santucci / Twitter

Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump made a stop at a local church today for the first time in Iowa, just over a week before the state holds it caucuses.

A Presbyterian, Trump attended First Presbyterian Church in Muscatine, with a woman whose son died son just after a tour of duty overseas in 2012. Since her loss, Deborah Whitaker has dedicated her life to helping other families who loose veterans.

As he entered the church, Trump was asked what his Presbyterian faith meant to him, responding: “A lot.”

He greeted parishioners, shook hands as a sign of peace during services and sang “God is here!”

A young girl read Scripture during Trump’s visit, after which the candidate reached over to shake her hand.

Trump seated in 5th pew of local church….singing and listening to services with a local resident by his side
— John Santucci (@JTSantucci) January 24, 2016

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SOURCE: ABC News, John Santucci