4-Year-Old Texas Boy, Who Accidentally Shot Himself in the Head, Dies at Hospital


A 4-year-old Texas boy who got a hold of a loaded gun and shot himself has died.

Family members described Bryson Hernandez as a sweet little boy, who was loved by everyone he met. The family is heartbroken, mourning a child who didn’t have to die and asking others to lock away their guns.

They’re calling him Iron Man: A boy who loved the super hero and his family, especially his two little sisters.

“He was strong and fearless as he was fighting for his life, and now he will be a hero, too: as an organ donor, his life will save the lives of several other children,” his family said in a statement.

Bryson was staying with his grandparents in Cypress when investigators say he got hold of a gun sometime after midnight Tuesday and accidentally shot himself in the head.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Alice Barr