Tonya Lewis Lee Defends Husband Spike Lee’s Decision To Boycott Oscars


Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Tonya Lewis Lee, the wife of legendary filmmaker Spike Lee, about their plans to boycott this year’s Oscars in light of the lack of diversity this year.

“Spike received a lifetime achievement award in November and we were looking forward to going and supporting Chris who is a dear friend of ours. Then the nominations came out and I looked at Spike and said I’m not sure. As the days went by we decided that we couldn’t do it. And he decided on MLK day to put out the statement.”

Should Chris Rock step down as host?

“I think they need to do what works for them. I think Chris is really great at what he does. And I think Chris should do what works for Chris.”

What is the real issue with lack of diversity in Hollywood?

“I think it’s a club. It’s hard to get in that club. They want to keep it the way they know it. The real problem is the lack of films being written and directed by people of color.”

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SOURCE: Black America Web – Jacque Reid