3 Teens Killed After SUV Rolls Over 60 Feet Off Texas Overpass


Three teens died in a horrifying Texas highway accident after an SUV lost control and tumbled through traffic, rolling over the overpass and dropping more than 60 feet, smashing the car and its passengers.

Charqual McMath was driving a 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe on President George Bush Turnpike on Saturday night, when it swerved three lanes in an attempt to avoid crashing into traffic ahead, Texas Department of Public Safety said.

The torque thrust her car to tumble out of control, barreling through traffic before crashing into another car, then rolling off the highway, plunging 63 feet into a parking lot below.

McMath, who miraculously survived the drop, called police and explained to first responders what happened.

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SOURCE: NY Daily News, Alfred Ng