Bronx Man Looking for Officer who Gave Him a Lift to a Job Interview: ‘I Owe You Lunch’

James Roberts
James Roberts

James Roberts has a brand new job and he says it’s all thanks to a mystery cop who gave him a lift after he got lost on his way to the interview, CBS2 reports.

Roberts misunderstood the location of the job interview and ultimately got lost, much to his horror.

“They said airport, so I’m thinking airport,” Roberts told the news station.

However, when he got off the bus at LaGuardia Airport, he realized his mistake. The actual job was for rental car companies near the airport, however, the interview was at a staffing company some six miles away.

“I’m at the airport, find Calvary Staffing — was I wrong,” he said. “I’m actually crying inside because I want this job, I gotta be there at a certain time.”

That was when a police officer noticed him and asked him what was wrong. Roberts asked for directions and the officer told him how far it was. Roberts, however, was determined, desperate after struggling to find work for years because he has a record. America Works, an organizaiton who helps out hard-to-place workers, actually helped secure the interview for him.

“I said ‘I don’t care, I need this job, I’ll walk there.’ He said ‘What time you gotta be there?’ I said ‘I gotta be there by 1. He said ‘You’ll never make it, get in the car,’” Roberts told the news station.

The officer whisked him away to the interview, telling Roberts good luck and God bless you. In response, Roberts said “I owe you lunch.”

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Source: The Root | Breanna Edwards