Church Called Upon to Become More Involved In the Pro-Life Movement


The church is being called upon to become involved in the pro-life movement.

This Sunday is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Georgette Forney, who heads Anglicans for Life and the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, spoke with OneNewsNow about the annual observance.

“The purpose of the day is to observe the decision that the Supreme Court made on January 22 [in 1973] that forever changed our history of our nation,” she shares. “[And it’s also to commemorate] how many people we’ve lost, the contributions that would have been made by the children who have been aborted, [and] the impact that it’s had on families – the women, the men, the fathers, the family members.”

An estimated 57 million lives have lost through abortion since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision – lives that can never be retrieved, notes Forney.

“January 22 is the day that over the last 44 years – now since 1973 – we stop and we ponder what happened that day, what changed, how it shook our foundations of the world, and the churches acknowledge it.”

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Charlie Butts