Mathew Knowles Reportedly Ordered to Pay Hefty Child Support Bill


There was no mercy given to Mathew Knowles, who has been ordered to pay a hefty price in child support.

According to Bossip, Houston family court Judge David D. Farr ruled that Knowles has to pay $70,822 in back child support to his baby mama TaQoya Branscomb. The ruling came after Farr slammed Knowles for paying $225,000 in what he called “hush money” to Branscomb in an effort to keep her from summoning him into court over their daughter, Koi.

“Mr. Knowles knew of his paternity in September 2009 and clearly sought to avoid the establishment of a support obligation based primarily on the tolling agreement and the payment of monies pursuant to said agreement, which the court can only reasonably conclude was hush money,” Farr wrote as part of his ruling in Harris County District Court.

Farr’s ruling marks the latest development in the ongoing legal battle between Knowles and Branscomb, who sued the entertainment mogul in 2014 over the paternity of Koi, who was born in 2010.

In addition to the $70,822 in back child support, Knowles will also have to pay Branscomb $1,496 a month in regular child support. Adding to that, Knowles has also been ordered to pay Koi’s health insurance and Branscomb’s attorney fees, which totaled $50,000.