Egyptian Christian Coptics Halt Church Construction After Muslims Riot


An organization that assists persecuted Christians worldwide says severe restrictions on Coptic Christians building or repairing churches in Egypt is causing great suffering for the believers there.

Last month, a church under construction in central Egypt was attacked by a crowd of more than 400 Muslim youth according to International Christian Concern.

The church has now been closed despite having the necessary permits for construction.

ICC’s Todd Daniels, regional manager for the Middle East, and he says that violence only adds to the difficulties for Christians living under an unfriendly government.

“In the absence of stable governments and a functioning justice system, a functioning security structure, these extremists are free to take aim at the church and at Christians,” he says.

It was Egypt’s Coptic Christians who watched their neighbors and relatives die at the hands of ISIS terrorists in February of last year. The men were captured in Syria, where they had sought work, and the Islamic radicals beheaded the men on a beach after they refused to renounce their Christian faith.

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Bill Bumpas