Concern Grows for Johnny Manziel


In this peaceful Cleveland suburb, there is one resident creating a national ruckus. His two-story house with three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms blends into the upscale subdivision, but there is still evidence of who’s inside.

Parked in the driveway last week was a white, two-door 2015 Nissan GT-R — the same car he was driving when police recently pulled him over for expired tags.

On the front porch sat a package from the Cleveland Browns.

The final clue came when an unshaven man answered the front door, a pint-sized dog squirmed loose and scampered down the street.

The man’s face was unfamiliar, but the dog was not. It was the dog pictured with Johnny Manziel in a photo posted on Manziel’s Instagram account Jan. 3 — about two hours after the Browns quarterback was spotted in Las Vegas the night before the team’s final game of the season.

The posted photo included a location tag that placed Manziel in Avon, suggesting that despite his being seen in Las Vegas, he was here. Here at this house, with the Nissan in the driveway and the package from the Browns on the porch, where on an afternoon last week he just might be …

“Johnny’s not home,’’ the man said of the quarterback who has managed to exasperate Browns fans, set social media ablaze with his off-field exploits and flip the old Tonight Show intro onto its head. Instead of “Heeere’s Johnny,’’ it’s “Wheeere’s Johnny?”

Drinking champagne in Austin again? Wearing a blond wig and sporting a mustache at a Las Vegas casino again? Anywhere but the Browns facility where he was supposed to meet with the medical staff after being diagnosed with a concussion?

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Source: USA Today | Josh Peter