Caffeinated Muffins, Breads, and Cakes? It May Be Possible With This Newly-Patented Coffee Flour


Donuts may soon come with a kick AND antioxidants.

Skip that second espresso shot, and grab a caffeinated muffin instead?! This may be an option when a newly-patented coffee flour hits the market.

Created by Daniel Perlman, a nutritionist and a biophysicist at Brandeis University, coffee flour should not only add caffeine to foods and beverages, but include the full dose of coffee’s healthy antioxidants — something you can’t even get in regularly roasted coffee beans.

The secret lies in roasting green coffee beans for less time at lower temperatures, which allows them to retain the antioxidant chlorogenic acid. Known as CGA, chlorogenic acid “appears to modulate how rapidly the body breaks down glucose,”according to the Boston Globe, and is likely responsible for coffee’s huge health benefits including lower risk of death from heart disease and diabetes.

A buzzier, healthier cookie? Yes please!

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SOURCE: The Huffington Post
Suzy Strutner