American Woman Found Dead in Florence Apartment Was Strangled


An American woman whose naked body was found last week in her Italian apartment was strangled, possibly with a rope, an Italian official said Tuesday.

Prosecutor Giuseppe Creazzo cautions more time is needed to establish the time of death for Ashley Olsen. The 35-year-old had been living in Florence for about three years.

Autopsy findings so far indicate that she died in roughly a 36-hour-period between the morning of Friday and the early afternoon of Saturday. The corpse, with bruises and scratches on the neck, was discovered after her Italian boyfriend expressed alarm he hadn’t heard from her in a few days and asked the landlady to open the door.

Corriere della Sera newspaper quoted the boyfriend as saying the couple had quarreled over a minor matter three days before her corpse was found, and that he tried to call her but that Olsen didn’t answer her phone.

Olsen, originally from Florida, was last seen by friends early Friday at a popular Florence nightclub. Some friends told police she stayed behind at the club when they left.

Investigators stressed that they haven’t put anyone under investigation. Olsen had experienced a marriage that “ended badly,” and still had her ex-husband’s name tattooed on her wrist, a friend told The Daily Telegraph.

Laboratory results will also help determine whether Olsen had been sexually assaulted, Creazzo said, adding that there were no external signs of sexual attack.

Investigators have said there were no signs of a break-in, indicating that Olsen likely knew her killer. Olsen’s beagle, Scout, a frequent companion of the woman on strolls through Florence’s historic center, was found unhurt in the apartment.

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SOURCE: Fox News, The Associated Press