Peach is the Web’s Latest Popular Social Network


What is Peach? It’s a princess—specifically, the princess that always seems to get into trouble in various mustachioed-plumber-themed games. It’s also a brand-new social network that launched yesterday, resulting in the usual land grab for popular user names that tends to accompany anything that gets even a little bit of traction on the Web.

Hit up the offiical website—yes, it’s—and it’s still not quite clear just what, exactly, Peach is purporting to be. The social network’s description is far too simple: “Peach is a fun, simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself.”

Signing up for an account is an easy process. You download the Peach app, pick a user name (assuming your favorite one isn’t taken), and cough up your email address and a password. Peach encourages you to post a few items of content (text, and then a picture), and then it asks you to link your phone number to the app so you can find your other friends.

After that, we’re not quite sure exactly what you’re supposed to do. Though, we do enjoy the freedom that Peach gives you for posting your own updates on the network. These fun tidbits are mostly centered around the app’s concept of “magic words,” or certain things you can type into your status to then trigger another action entirely. For example, start typing “draw,” and you’ll be given the option to doodle a picture for your update. Type “gif,” and you’ll be able to search for something animated to post. Write “song,” and you’ll be able to post the current song you’re listening to (if your device can identify it using its microphone).

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SOURCE: PC Mag, David Murphy