Latin Patriarchate Urges Israel Police to Find Culprits of Christian Cemetery Vandalism

credits/photos : LATIN PATRIARCHATE Desecration at Beit Jamal, December 2015
credits/photos : LATIN PATRIARCHATE
Desecration at Beit Jamal, December 2015

Dozens of crosses were destroyed in December attack

In mid-December, vandals destroyed dozens of crosses at a Christian cemetery west of Jerusalem, the Latin Patriarchate in the city said Saturday, urging Israeli authorities to bring the culprits to justice.

The church did not say who was behind the desecration but in recent years there have been a spate of hate crimes targeting churches and Christian cemeteries, with the perpetrators believed to be Jewish extremists.

“Salesian fathers responsible for the monastery in Beit Jamal reported that unknown persons desecrated their monastery’s cemetery,” the patriarchate said in a statement.

“The fathers reported also that tens of crosses were destroyed at their cemetery,” it said.

Beit Jamal is near the Israeli town of Beit Shemesh, west of Jerusalem.

Vandals previously desecrated the cemetery of the Catholic monastery of Beit Jamal, which is run by the Salesian order, in September 1981, said the statement.

The patriarchate urged “the police… and the Israeli authorities in general to invest every possible effort” to bring to justice those responsible for this and past desecrations.

“We do hope that more efforts be made to educate all inhabitants of the country to respect each other despite their different religious backgrounds,” said the English language statement.

SOURCE: i24 News