Tony Evans, Ronnie Floyd and Other Christians Are Promoting Prayer Throughout 2016


I spent the last two days in prayer with leaders representing more than a third of the churches in America. In the spirit of Joel 1:14, we gathered to “Cry Out to the Lord” in solemn assembly.

It was a time of united prayer – across all that ordinarily divides us generationally, racially, and denominationally. Evangelical leaders humbled themselves together before the Lord and sought the Lord’s forgiveness and restoration. We committed to desperately pursue God’s manifest presence, to re-engage God’s divine purpose, and to enter into a season of prayer for spiritual awakening in the church and revival in the culture.

It was humbling. It was convicting. It was encouraging. It was uplifting. It was energizing. It was hopeful. It was amazing.

The hope is to multiply this experience through similar solemn assemblies in congregations throughout the nation as God moves to unite the heart of the Body of Christ in fresh ways.

If you’re hungry and thirsty for righteousness; if you’re desperate for God’s presence, power and provision; if you know that the Church needs awakening and the culture needs reviving in order that Gospel can be advanced without hindrance to the world, then join the movement of prayer that God is igniting today.

You can start today and then join others in a national virtual prayer meeting that starts January 10th from 9-10:30 p.m. eastern.  The devotional guide is a valuable resource if you’re like me and you need a physical companion to keep you tracking forward for the duration of the journey with Jesus.

There are several initiatives you should know about: which is a national prayer meeting that starts January 10 and runs through January 31.
Palm Sunday, there’s a plan for the largest bi-rational pulpit exchange in American history.
National Campus Renewal REZ week, March 28-April 1 in anticipation of Together2016 on the national mall.
July 16 #JesusChangesEverything as we experience a generational reset. This is going to be something you regret missing. Visit for the vision.
Tony Evans is planning a BIG thing September 21…a National Solemn Assembly in Dallas but simulcast in local churches across the country – to re-invite God’s manifest presence into our lives and into our nation.
October 25-27 in NYC, “Movement Day” is inviting others to taste and see what God is doing to reconnect the Body of Christ in NYC – from megachurches to storefront, across every socio-economic and racial division. Pray NY is just one example.
Ronnie Floyd who heads the SBC is fanning the flame – breaking down all barriers between Christians and getting on our knees and faces to Cry Out to the Lord.
I expect we’ll be hearing out “Cry Out to the Lord” events in more churches and communities than we can count. God is on the move!  They’re asking pastors to replace their regular Sunday morning services with a solemn assembly. Resources here:
On the “resources you should know about” front: check out
Click here for more.
SOURCE: The Layman