Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary President, Jeff Iorg, Hears Heartbreak Over Homosexual Marriage


“I’m a deacon,” the man told Jeff Iorg, president of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. “I’ve followed Jesus all my life, and so have my children. Now my granddaughter has come home and announced she is a lesbian and is going to marry another woman. What do I do?”

The church deacon is among the many brokenhearted individuals Iorg has encountered at state and associational meetings across the nation in speaking about the book “Ministry in the New Marriage Culture.”

The Arizona Southern Baptist Convention, for example, provided a copy of the book to every pastor in the convention and then asked Iorg to speak at their annual meeting.

“I’ve heard pastors say, ‘Our church is not going to do same-sex marriages,'” Iorg said, “but that doesn’t mean church members won’t be impacted.”

Ministry in the New Marriage Culture, edited by Iorg and written by veteran professors and pastors, is among the first of its kind to give Christians a framework for leading their churches effectively and ministering to non-believers amid new and complex cultural situations stemming from same-sex marriage.

“As I’m out speaking, people come afterward to ask for help,” Iorg said. “The interest is broader than many people might have anticipated. It’s uncanny to me how many people in churches are being impacted by same-sex marriage. There’s been a high level of interest in discovering how to minister in this new milieu.”

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Kathie Chute is director of communications for Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.