Christians Have the Power to Make a Difference In the Upcoming Presidential Election

There are many strong candidates of faith from which to choose. (Reuters/Aaron Josephczyk)
There are many strong candidates of faith from which to choose. (Reuters/Aaron Josephczyk)

Our nation is in a mess. Immorality abounds. What the Bible calls good, society calls evil. What the Bible calls evil, society calls good.

Meanwhile, Islamic terrorists threaten our safety at home and abroad. Government spending is out of control, and few Americans consider their children will be better off than they are, which, for several centuries, has been the essence of the American Dream.

It seems the nation’s leaders are hellbent on a direction that opposes God’s Word. A constant drumbeat in the media has it that Judeo-Christian values are on the wrong side of history. Many believers are discouraged and seem to be simply holding on until Jesus returns.

Yet, I sense something is happening. People are beginning to wake up. There is more concern and more prayer than I’ve seen in years. It’s almost like the grass-roots Reagan revolution when Jimmy Carter was president.

I believe God is answering prayer. One sign is the group of strong believers who have emerged as presidential candidates. These are candidates who have a strong moral compass and who are committed to turning this nation around. One person cannot turn America around. But didn’t God raise up a leader when Israel needed to come back to Him? Don’t we now need a leader who will defend our religious rights and stop the trend led by President Obama, where the rate of decline has accelerated?

In the past couple of election cycles several candidates who have strong faith tried to get the Christian community to coalesce around their candidacy. You may know I did my best to make this happen in 2007-2008 with Gov. Mike Huckabee. Four years later I publicly endorsed former Sen. Rick Santorum. Neither got the nomination.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Steve Strang