Allstate Under Fire for Promoting Homosexual Parenting In Video Ad


A prominent insurance company is coming under fire for promoting same-sex parenting.

Allstate has produced a two-minute video depicting two men reflecting on their “marriage” to each other and their adoption of a baby girl in 2015. With his arm around his male partner, one of the men says about the child: “The second we held her, we knew that she was ours. We’re her dads.”

The American Family Association has sent out an Action Alert to its supporters, stating that the video by the insurance company “does not share the reality that this child will grow up without the nurture that only a mother can provide.” It also goes on to say that Allstate does not recognize the “emotional trauma and questions the child will endure growing up in a home with two men.”

AFA executive vice president Ed Vitagliano spokes with OneNewsNow about the Allstate video.

“We believe it is clear that God intends for children to be raised by both a mom and a dad; to have both male and female model behavior,” he says. “And [we believe] that two dads and two moms don’t do that – can’t do that. So we believe that Allstate has made a tragic mistake here in buying into this lie.”

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Bill Bumpas