Texas Gun Store Owner Expects Sales to Shoot Up After President Obama’s Speech


A north Texas gun seller is praising the president’s speech, not because of the message… but because of what it will do to his bottom line.

Adam McGuffy is a manager at Mister Guns in Plano and says President Obama has always been good for business.

“Obama is the best gun salesman since Samuel Colt. Every time he opens his mouth and tries to limit gun purchase, it has the complete opposite effect.”

He says many get worried about more restrictions and flock to his and other gun stores to stock up.

The last time he made a speech after the San Bernardino incident, our sales that day had doubled.

He says it’s not just gun owners buying more guns, but first time buyers, trying to get one or more ahead of possible new laws.

As for the executive order itself, McGuffy says he feels it will have little effect on gun sales. He expects that gun sales will be particularly strong this weekend.