WATCH: Chris Rock Preps to Host the 2016 Oscars In his First Official Promo


It’s safe to say that this year’s Oscars ceremony is going to be a night full of wins, as well as a load of laughs with Chris Rock as the host. The funny man gives a small taste of the snarky humor to come in the first Oscars official promo video.

In the clip, which was released in conjunction to New Year’s Eve, Rock pokes fun at those who will be the unfortunate losers of the night. “Much like New Year’s Eve, it’ll be a night that ends with a lot of drunk, disappointed people swearing they’ll do better next year,” he joked.

To promote his hosting gig, Rock took to Twitter to share the video writing, “There will always be 3 constants: death, taxes, and the Oscars. Hope all 3 don’t happen to me this year.”

The Oscars nominations will be revealed on January 14, in anticipation for the ceremony’s airing on Feb 28 on ABC. In the meantime, watch Chris Rock in the Oscars promo video below.

SOURCE: Vibe – Jessica McKinney