U.S. Postal Service Honors NASA With Stamps That Are Literally Out of This World

PHOTO CREDIT: Provided by The Verge
PHOTO CREDIT: Provided by The Verge

Having taken over the internet in 2015, NASA’s next communication frontier is apparently snail mail.

The US space agency announced this week that the Pluto flyby — arguably one of the most important scientific achievements of the past year — would be honored with two stamps in 2016. The first depicts the New Horizons spacecraft, whereas the second showcases an enhanced color image of Pluto taken during the flyby.

This isn’t the first time that Pluto has been featured on a US stamp, but it is the first time that the dwarf planet can be seen so clearly on postage. In 1991, the US Postal Service issued a stamp that read: “Pluto: Not Yet Explored,” a reminder that we still hadn’t visited the tiny world. “Since the early 1990s the old, ‘Pluto Not Explored’ stamp served as a rallying cry for many who wanted to mount this historic mission of space exploration,” said New Horizons team leader Alan Stern. When NASA finally launched the New Horizons Spacecraft in 2006, it placed one of those stamps inside the vessel.

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SOURCE: The Verge, Arielle Duhaime-Ross