4 Easy Ways to Detox In 2016

Carissa Burton
Carissa Burton

Holiday wining and dining can do quite a number on the digestive system. If you’re feeling a little sluggish consider a detox program to get your body feeling its best in the new year.

These products aren’t traditional cleanses– and they’re certainly not miracles– but we’ve tried them out to give you the real deal behind some of today’s hottest detoxing fads.

Whether you want to clean out your pantry, start going organic or try more drastic measures, here are four simple ways to jumpstart any detox program to get you feeling refreshed in 2016

1. Try activated charcoal lemonade.

To the uninitiated, drinking a black liquid may seem a little strange. But proponents of activated charcoal swear by its detoxifying properties, including boosting energy, brightening skin –even curing hangovers. Activated charcoal is a substance that absorbs poisons from the GI tract and is typically made from wood, peat, or coconut shells.  Mixed with juice, it’s meant to help aid in the elimination of toxins. Of course not every brand is created equal, and some are pricey– up to $10 a bottle. But give a week, while cutting alcohol, and you may notice a more restful night’s sleep, less sluggishness during the day and even drop a pound or two.

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2. Try an organic meal delivery service.

Don’t let the word detox fool you into thinking you need to starve yourself to feel better. Sometimes just cleaning up your diet can have major effects. Instead of going for pizza or Chinese food, consider an organic meal delivery service. Some of these dishes are designed by top chefs who hail from Michelin-rated restaurants, like Le Bernadin and Daniel.  Others are more focused on achieving specific nutritional needs like going gluten-free. But the good news is, they’re all delicious.

The menu of many of these services changes weekly so you won’t get bored. And unlike Blue Apron or Plated, these are true heat-and-eat dishes for busy people who don’t have time to cook. They’re not cheap (individual meals range from about $7 to $28) but it’s probably similar to what you might spend on pricey takeout.

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SOURCE: FoxNews.com