Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi Forgives Her Persecutors Despite Spending 7th Christmas Behind Bars

Asia Bibi
Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi has reportedly forgiven her persecutors, though she remains imprisoned for blasphemy. Christian Today reports Bibi just spent her seventh Christmas behind bars, but told family who visited on Christmas Eve that she was not bitter.

“Christmas is the celebration of God’s mercy. I forgive my persecutors, those who have falsely accused me, and I await their forgiveness,” Bibi said.
She continued, “Jesus made this happy day for me and has accepted my prayers. I’m excited and full of joy in meeting today my family and celebrate Christmas with you.”
December 25 is also a holiday for Muslims, who celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. Bibi also acknowledged this, as she is being held captive for allegedly speaking against the holy figure of Islam.
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SOURCE: Christian Headlines
Carrie Dedrick