POLL: Ben Carson Seen Most Favorably Among Republican Candidates; Bush Seen Most Unfavorably


Ben Carson trumps The Donald in terms of basic popularity among all Americans, but the two candidates are essentially even among Republicans –- and well ahead of their top competitors.

Heading into the latest GOP presidential debate, 71 percent of Republicans see Ben Carson favorably and 69 percent feel the same about Donald Trump. Both non-politicians outpace their more traditional rivals in this measure –- Marco Rubio, seen favorably by 58 percent of Republicans; Jeb Bush, 56 percent; and Ted Cruz, 53 percent.

On the flip side, Bush has the highest negatives within the party, rated unfavorably by 37 percent of Republicans. On another measure, though, he has company: Twenty percent of Republicans see both Bush and Trump “strongly” unfavorably, vs. 7 percent for Cruz and a mere 4 percent for Carson and Rubio.

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ABC News