How to Make Your Small-Space Thanksgiving Unforgettable

Table set for dinner party
Table set for dinner party


You’ve got lots of friends and family and big aspirations for a perfect Thanksgiving feast – but you live in a small space. Don’t fret! You can still be the holiday hostess with the mostest – if you follow our nine rules for small-space entertaining.

Since everyone is forced to be up close and personal, lubricate the getting-to-know you process with a signature Thanksgiving-themed cocktail ready as guests arrive, like this pretty squash and sage-infused sipper.


With so many people packed into your tiny place, there isn’t room for you to be running around basting the turkey. Do as much food prep ahead of time as you can. You’ll be more relaxed and you’ll free up the kitchen, creating valuable square footage.


If you have a tiny dining area or no dining area at all, think outside the box when deciding where to eat. Make space in the living room by pushing furniture against the wall or removing it to make room for a table. If you have a spacious roof deck or big garage, you could serve Thanksgiving dinner there instead.


Look around your space with new eyes for anything that could be converted into a usable dining surface big enough to accommodate your Thanksgiving feast. Everything from kitchen carts to desks to discarded doors are fair game. Push everything together to form a big table – and don’t stress if they don’t perfectly align. Alternatively, you can DIY yourself a table for the night with some collapsable saw horses and a sheet of sturdy plywood.

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Source: PopSugar | Maggie Winterfeldt