Oprah Winfrey Releases Annual List of her “Favorite Things”


Oprah Winfrey, perhaps the country’s leading tastemaker, has some suggestions for your holiday shopping.

The former TV host and media tycoon has issued her annual “favorite things” list, containing 87 items of clothing, fashion accessories, kitchen gadgets, edible treats and other goodies.

“It’s the holidays, and you’re stumped for what to give some of your favorite people,” she says in a video on partner Amazon.com, which has a page devoted to selling the items. “Look at my list of favorite things, and you’re sure to find something special for a favorite friend, a favorite family member or yourself.”

The items will be featured in the December issue of O, Oprah’s magazine, which hits newsstands next week. Given that she could afford to clean out Rodeo Drive, her hand-picked gift ideas are relatively affordable, with many under $50.

Here’s a sampling of some of the more noteworthy ones:

Deep dish cherry pie / $60

This pie from Sweet Lady Jane boasts a latticework top crust over a sweet-tart cherry filing. The bakery will ship it frozen, packed in dry ice, to you.

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SOURCE: CNN – Brandon Griggs