Kosovo Fails in Bid to Gain Full UNESCO Membership; Effort Was Fiercely Opposed by Russia and Serbia

Kosovo flag REUTERS/Hazir Reka
Kosovo flag REUTERS/Hazir Reka

The United Nations’ cultural agency UNESCO voted against Kosovo getting full membership in a vote on Monday after less than two-thirds of countries voted in favor.

The vote was fiercely opposed by Russia and Serbia, which attempted to get the vote postponed at one point earlier in the day.

To win membership, Kosovo needed a two-thirds majority. Of the 142 countries that voted, 92 backed the motion, 50 voted against and 29 abstained, meaning the bid fell short by three votes.

Kosovo has been recognized by 111 countries since it broke away from Serbia in 2008 but its bid to become a full United Nations member has been blocked by Moscow.

(Reporting by John Irish; Editing by Ingrid Melander)

SOURCE: Reuters