Facebook Announces New Feature “Music Stories”


Facebook announced this morning a new feature called “Music Stories,” that will allow users to better discover new music or share tracks with their friends. Essentially a new post format for Facebook, Music Stories integrates with Spotify and Apple Music to provide a 30-second preview of the shared song or album that can be played directly on Facebook itself.

The music is streamed from Spotify or Apple Music, depending on the source of the shared link, and those who view and play the track can also choose to buy it or save it on the respective streaming service, Facebook explains. That is, you can click through to buy a track from iTunes, if shared through Apple’s download service, or stream it through Apple Music or Spotify, if you’re a streaming service user or subscriber.

Facebook says that it will roll out support for more music streaming services in the near future, as well.

”We’re excited to be a part of Music Stories with Facebook and provide Spotify listeners with a more engaging and simple way to listen to, discover and share music they love,” said Jorge Espinel, Head of Global Business Development at Spotify, in a statement. “Music Stories are a great way for people to continue bringing Spotify into the conversation on Facebook.”

This new feature is only available in Facebook’s iPhone application. It makes sense that this would be expanded to other platforms, including Android, in time – though, in that case, it wouldn’t support downloads from iTunes, but could integrate with cross-platform streaming services. However, Facebook has not yet confirmed details related to an expansion.

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SOURCE: TechCrunch, Sarah Perez