Rejecting Christianity Because There Is Suffering In the World Is Illogical


“I cannot believe in a God who allows so much suffering in the world.” This common objection is very real in the hearts and minds of certain unbelievers. And they honestly cannot seem to get past this stumbling block.

But just think about what people are really saying. They object to how much people suffer in the world, and that God doesn’t seem to be doing much about it. So God is the target of their objection. “It’s his fault. He could stop the suffering if he is real, and he’s not stopping it.”

In a previous article entitled, “Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering,” I addressed some theological factors related to this issue. But there is also the matter of reason and logic. It just doesn’t make sense to reject Christ because of the world’s suffering. And here is why.

If you are rejecting Christ because of what other people are suffering, then you would likely continue to reject Christ if your own personal suffering reached the level that others are experiencing. You would likely blame God for your own suffering, just like you are blaming Him for the suffering of others. That would seem logical to you given what you know about God, and what you don’t know.

But there is no way to accurately discuss Christianity without also discussing both heaven and hell. Jesus talked about those places quite a bit, as did the authors of the New Testament. And the reality of heaven and hell make it illogical to reject Christ because of suffering.

You see, Christianity presents the message that God left heaven and came to earth to suffer on the cross to pay for our sins. So God chose to endure suffering in our place.

But it goes even further. The New Testament makes it clear that there are only two places a person can go after death. Heaven or hell. And none of us have a deep understanding of either one. It’s only when you go there that you quickly begin to gain a deep awareness of what it’s like to exist in that realm. One is a place of far deeper joy and ecstasy than you and I have ever experienced on earth. And the other is a place of torment that words cannot adequately describe.

Now if you are rejecting Christ because of suffering in the world, then you are no doubt including in that “suffering” the message of hell. Remember, you cannot accurately discuss Christianity without including what the Bible teaches about heaven and hell.

But here’s the rub. No one in hell wants to stay there. Everyone wants out. That’s logical, right? Give a person five minutes in paradise and then five minutes in hell. Do you honestly think anyone would choose to stay in hell? It’s not logical to hold such a position.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Dan Delzell is the pastor of Wellspring Lutheran Church in Papillion, Neb. He is a regular contributor to The Christian Post.