Chaplain Requests 10,000 Military Bible Sticks for Troops

Faith Comes by Hearing

A spokesman for an audio Bible ministry says there’s an urgent need to get God’s Word to troops who may soon face deployment.

As the War on ISIS escalates, Troy Carl with Faith Comes by Hearing says a chaplain at the 101st Airborne has requested 10,000 Military Bible Sticks– the digital audio player designed specifically for deployed troops. Carl tells OneNewsNow monetary donations are needed to fulfill this request.

“I don’t have $250,000 for 10,000 units immediately, and yet guys are getting ready to be deployed,” he says. “And so some way we need to articulate that there’s an immediate need. With Veteran’s Day coming up and with all the things going on in the news, we really need to raise as much as we can to meet that need for those folks who are preparing to deploy or have already deployed.”

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Bill Bumpas