WATCH: Dr. Jacqui Lewis of Middle Collegiate Church says Ben Carson Is a ‘Non-Threatening, Non-Angry Black Body’


Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, the Senior Minister of Middle Collegiate Church argued Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is a “non-threatening black body” on Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry.”

Lewis stated, “I would say this read on to the black body thing. You know, this is a black body that can be read on to with all of this evangelical fervor, non-threatening black body, non-angry black body, speak — sharing our values black body. So, I would really love to hear Dr. Carson talk about Black Lives Matter and see how many people would stay supportive of him then.”

Earlier, Lewis said, “a simple answer doesn’t work for African-American folks. I think we understand our faith is a really important part of our lives, and we know that there’s something about personal transformation, but I think the black church, and I think most black Christians, no matter Evangelical or progressive, understand the transformation isn’t just an individual transaction. We would say we’re not saved until everybody’s saved. So, the transformation of systems, the eradication of poverty, housing, healthcare, all those kinds of things, that justice pocket of faith, I think is really important for black folks. And here’s — just to sort say a little more about the Ben Carson phenomenon, I think his narrative, I mean, as a young black person, he was my hero. I think all of us are captivated by this story like Paul, you know, I used to be violent, I was blind, and now I can see, but there’s something that is missing if the narrative doesn’t continue to evolve to where individual responsibility can’t be the only answer and that there has to be some corporate responsibility as a part of our faith.”

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Source: Breitbart |  IAN HANCHETT