Meet David Clarke, the Milwaukee County Sheriff Who Compares Black Lives Matter to ISIS and Encourages Residents to Shoot Criminals Instead of Call the Police

Andrew Gomert/EPA, via Newscom
Andrew Gomert/EPA, via Newscom

David Clarke is a recurring guest on Fox News who says Black Lives Matter will team up with ISIS and urges residents to shoot criminals instead of call 911.

Milwaukee is under threat by both ISIS and the Black Lives Matter movement, in the mind of Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.

On Tuesday night, the county sheriff likened the grassroots social movement to the so-called Islamic State on his Twitter account, saying they both seek to bring down “our legal constituted republic.”

For most elected civil servants, this bold assertion would be a regrettable instance of social media hyperbole, but for the outspoken Clarke, it’s par for the course.

Earlier that day, the sheriff earnestly claimed there was “no police brutality in America” during an appearance on Fox & Friends.

“We ended that back in the ’60s,” he added straight-faced before accusing President Obama of “playing the race game” and calling him “a nightmare.”

The 37-year veteran of law enforcement—who is currently serving his fourth full term as Milwaukee County Sheriff—calls himself “The People’s Sheriff” (also the name of his weekly podcast on The Blaze, the website founded by Glenn Beck). He’s known for frequently wearing a cowboy hat, occasionally while perched atop a horse during public appearances. He’s a strategically registered Democrat who backs the Tea Party and counts John Wayne and Ronald Reagan among his heroes.

“I don’t know if his intent is to find a permanent place for himself on Fox News or the like,” says Angela Walker, who ran against Clarke in the 2014 general election. “I do know that his statements and posturing are harmful and insulting to the people of Milwaukee County, and that as a resident here, I am embarrassed.”

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SOURCE: The Daily Beast – Tyler Maas