Indiana Teen Surprises Mom and Little Girl With Good Deed at Target


A mother of three, Megan Shufflebarger isn’t new to the “oohing” and “ahhing” heard by her children as they walk down a toy aisle.

When her youngest daughter Kinley scanned the Target shelves ahead of her birthday, she listened to her stocked birthday list — and apparently, she wasn’t the only one.

The 2-year-old stood in front of a row of dolls, she stopped and stared at the last blonde one on the shelf. Before the question “can I?” could leave her mouth, a young man walked over and knelt down next to her.

He asked which one was her favorite. She pointed, “I really lub dis one.” The teen chuckled and walked off with the doll.

Disappointed that her doll of choice was now out of sight, she turned to ask her mom where the “dolly” was. Her mother assured her there would be more.

A few minutes later, the young stranger returned to the aisle with the doll.

He took it out of a bag, handed Kinley’s mom a receipt and told the little girl to “have a very happy birthday.”

“I was speechless,” Shufflebarger told CBS News.

She thanked him for his kindness. He nodded, smiled and walked off.

Shufflebarger repeated the story for her hundreds of friends on Facebook, sharing a photo of the young man posing with Kinley, who had a “sweet little shocked smile” on her face.

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SOURCE: CBS News, Jennifer Earl