Petition Aims to Remove Don Lemon from CNN


There is no Power when the Source is Disconnected!

Unfortunately, there is no surprise here. I was really rooting for him and even warned Don Lemon this could happen when we posted this when he started the Tom Joyner Morning Show a couple of years ago. Don could have been an excellent public (re)source for the black community and/or the black LGBT community on his incredibly huge national platforms. He could have married the two ends of the spectrum into the gray area in a way like it has never been done before by a public figure but there was a huge deterrent, it’s beyond apparent that Don Lemon is poorly connected to the black community as well as the black LGBT community. In addition, Don may never admit this, but he clearly has an innate, poorly disguised disdain for the black community. To his credit, his disconnected history could certainly be the result of the childhood and/or lifetime of rejection as a gay black man by the black community and if this is the case, he would have a point. The black community can be outrageously homophobic but there is the often less considered greatest intra population which is the middle and most of those black people couldn’t care less about someone else’s sexuality. They are too busy taking care of their kids and putting food on the table.

Considering all of this, it would completely disqualify Don as a favorable spokesperson for black people. There are other black gay people who have been in the same position as he is but they don’t have the same disdain (they are also most often not out). There is no greater tragedy than when the oppressed become the oppressors. It is evident that someone at cnn or in Don’s camp is giving him HORRIFIC advice and guidance.

I have no doubt this will also have some affect on his position on the TJMS as well where a majority of that audience is black women. A petition got started when Don vehemently defended the white school official who swung the black teenaged girl around like a rag doll in the viral video that’s been talked about all week.

I was a friend of Don’s on FaceBook and noticed that a majority of his posts rarely included black people. To his defense cnn did not give him the JOB of black representative for the community but his position as a conservative has also never been defined… except by his actions which has not sat well with black viewers. The latest diatribe (see vid below) has caused a black outrage. A petition started by Jermaine Henderson to remove Don Lemon from cnn quickly got the 15,000 signatures in apparently less than 24 hours. Some of the comments people left were incredibly critical of the news anchor with statements like:

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Source: Radio Facts | KevRoss